About Us

Our movement got started through the request of the Assistant Director of Mental Health, Steven Horvath.  He suggested we join what was an already developing movement in the state of New Jersey and we all thought it was a great idea.  Within a few weeks a committee developed with representation from almost every sector.  Additionally, a few municipalities immediately passed resolutions to be stigma free.

What We Do

The Monmouth County Stigma-Free Action Committee believes that every individual deserves to be treated with respect and that every person needing treatment regardless of the nature of injury or condition should be able to get help without the fear, the stigma of reaching out for help.  We believe that those who may have mental health and substance use disorders deserve to pursue treatment without fear of being shut out of the community.

Why Is It Significant

In order to spread the message of a stigma free Monmouth County, we have developed this committee.  We have suggestions about participation and we hope you will join the movement.